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Silt Fence

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This Premium Commercial Grade Silt Fencing is made from the highest quality polypropylene fibers on the market meeting ASTM designations D4632 and D4491. It's superior UV treatment process results in a longer life expectancy. It is one of the most commonly used method for sediment control in residential and commercial construction. Silt Fence is made from woven polypropylene yarns, which is designed to block the sediment. If properly installed it can control sediment from being washed into streams and rivers and off site of your project. Available in 1.5 & 3heights. The 3'x100' come with 1"x1"x48" wood stakes attached. The 3'x500' roll requires separate purchase of stakes and staples. Silt Fence performs well when installed properly. The fabric must be install or "toed" in to a minimum 12" deep trench and backfilled. Wood stakes typically should not exceed 7 foot spacings along the run of the silt fence. Five 3/4" steel staples should be used at each stake attachment. Never place silt fence in a stream or other concentrated flow. Place in areas where typical sheet flow from large areas will flow to the silt fence. Place silt fence along the elevation contour line. Do not place it on slope faces or parallel with drainage flow directions. Install silt fence with enough area between the toe of a slope and the fence to allow equipment access for easy clean up and maintenance where available. Allow a minimum of 1200 sq. ft. of ponding area for each acre of drainage area behind silt fence. Install silt fence to allow drainage area to not exceed an acre for each 200 linear foot run of silt fence. Wire fence backing can also be used to increase performance and durability of silt fence.

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